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Where do you get your coffee?
We source our coffee from local coffee farms in the Amazon region.


Is your coffee Fair Trade?
Yes, we work with smaller local farms which are Fair Trade.


How fresh is the coffee?
When you order it, we roast it and then ship it. #Fresh


How do I order coffee?
Choose from coffee options and click the methods you want until checkout.


How much coffee comes in a bag?
We offer 12oz bags. This will serve 30 cups of coffee.


Are your coffees Gluten free?
Yes. Our coffee is natural and contains no gluten.


What is a taste note?
This is the natural flavor that each coffee has. Much of this comes from the region where the coffee is grown. We choose to source coffee from the Amazon region since there is much exotic taste note flavors. (Chocolate, berry, vanilla, maple, almond …just to name a few)


Why does your coffee not have a Nutritional Information label?
Coffee is exempt from nutritional labeling since all nutrients and components are low enough amounts to not be required. #CoffeeOnly


Is the coffee that you provide non-GMO?
Yes, our coffee is non-GMO and in compliance with USDA standards.


Is your coffee made with Arabica or Robusta beans?
Our coffee is 100% Arabica coffee beans.


If I want to change coffees after I set up a subscription, is this okay?
Yes!  We encourage you to try numerous coffees that we offer.


Do your coffees contain any allergens?
Our coffee is free of dairy, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat.


How soon does my coffee arrive?
Shipping options are selected at checkout.


Is your coffee flavored?
No, all of our coffee is coffee. Any flavor that you notice in the coffee is natural.


Is your coffee Organic?
Yes, most of our coffee is organic unless stated.


Can I brew with a Keurig?
Yes, our coffee will taste good brewed through a Keurig. We offer re-usable Kcups that allow you to brew this way.


Do you offer brewing tips for your coffee?
Yes, all of the recommended brewing options are listed here.

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